In our trainings we use practical experience gained not only in Estonia, but additionally in many other countries we have worked in. Based on critical analysis of our experience we offer insight on the benefits of using ICT in everyday life. We also demonstrate how ICT can boost a country’s overall development and competitiveness. Our in-house experts have hands-on experience in e-government development process since the creation of the e-Estonia image (more than 15 years), gained through high positions in government institutions.



Target groups

Our training courses are aimed at public officials from national, regional and local administrations, NGO leaders and other practitioners working in the field of e-governance and the development of civil society.


Training courses

The general purpose for the training courses and study visits is to introduce ICT-related solutions in the government and provide consultations for countries that plan to make changes towards digital society.

We focus on different angles of e-government areas: from a vertical view on central e-government and regional/local e-government; from a horizontal view on cyber security, open governance (incl. e-democracy/e-participation) and interoperability.


Example agendas of our training courses

  • E-Governance and ICT policy (5 days)

This course, designed for public-sector leaders and local government officials, provides insight into Estonia’s experience implementing information society policies and provides examples of different services. Covering about 20 topics, we examine public-private partnerships and analyse public involvement in the decision-making process. The importance of political will and individual steps, necessary to ensure the successful implementation of policies and laws, is also emphasized with special attention.

  • E-government development on local level
  • National Cyber Security (5 days)
  • Mobile government (3-days)
  • Land Management and GIS (3 days)
  • Capacity building of NGO-s in e-governance development process (5 days)


Training methods

Our courses are developed in close collaboration with client organisations in order to meet their needs and priorities – so called tailor-made training programmes. Based on the 12 years of experience in providing consultations in various countries, we already have considerable background knowledge about the situation of target countries and are therefore able to focus on specific topics of importance during the course in Tallinn. With each course, our experts update their knowledge about the current situation of the target country and are able to provide up-to-date suggestions.

Our training courses include group lectures and discussions, as well as site visits to different government organisations, educational institutions, NGO-s, etc. Study visits to Estonian companies can also provide additional lessons in privatisation, public-private partnerships and developing trends, completing insight into Estonia’s development as an information society. We also assist participants in setting up individual appointments with public officials and representatives of institutions.


Applying for a training

The standard practice of our training courses is a specific training program for a single-country delegation of 5-25 people (mainly composed of government officials from one area, province, or state).

The main idea of these visits is that delegates are not from a single level, such as decision makers, but rather also include field experts and technical staff, creating a more beneficial discussion. Through this method, some decisions are even made by the end of the training, as collaboration between technical staff, field experts, and decision makers allows for plans to be confirmed and initiated.

We encourage individuals to contact us with their training requests so that can to create international groups with similar situations and expectations.

Total budget for the concrete training depend on the agreed agenda (number of days, additional logistical coordination (accommodation, meals, city tour, etc.)) and on the number of participants. The e-Governance Academy is a project-based foundation without an established donor organisation for its projects. Thus, the funding for training courses, study tours, and other project activities is provided either directly from target countries or through the support of an international donor organisation.


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