The e-Governance Academy (eGA) sees itself as one node in a broader network of institutions working on issues concerning e-governance. Through our activities and networking efforts, we always maintain the right contacts to help our stakeholders with their problems and tasks.

Our network includes both individuals and organisations with relevant experience and the latest knowledge. We welcome partnerships as a way of ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services, and of enhancing our knowledge and insight in the field.

To share best practices and debate on topics of e-governance, eGA holds an international conference each May. More information about the conference can be found online at


  • GISI

Through the Global Information Security Initiative (GSI), eGA aims to strengthen research and advocacy on the use of technology and improve governance in the 21st century. This initiative is focused on tangible results in scientific research and strategic partnerships with international organisations, NGOs, tech corporations and governments.

Research will be conducted in two key fields of study:

  • General framework of e-governance
  • E-identity

GISI is currently at the fundraising stage.