Development of information society and e-services protection in Palestine

The goal of the project is to provide Palestine the relevant knowledge in the areas of information systems resilience, electronic data exchange and to support the development of new e-services. Key personnel will acquire an understanding in the field of information society and safety of e-services and data exchange as well as realize the need for a systematic and comprehensive development. The project also allows formulating the prerequisites for digital signature and electronic identity in Palestine.

In addition, the project will strengthen cooperation on the national level in Palestine and create better understanding of the values of the information society.

The ICT policy development will be supported.
New public e-services that are using interoperability system will be launched.
The prerequisites for digital signature and electronic identity in Palestine will be formulated.




Central e-Government


12/2016 - 05/2018


160 000 €

Project Manager

Andro Kull