Cyber Security

An Information Society with critical e-services cannot exist without effective Cyber Security. National Cyberspace is a modern environment that needs systematic and comprehensive protection at international, national, sectorial, organisational and personal levels.

eGA provides various services for the security of digital development. We focus on organisational, regulative and technical measures for national cyber security and include best practice from around the world. We assist nations and specific sectors in improving cyber security knowledge, developing policies and legislation, raising organisational and personnel capacity, implementing security technologies, and developing cooperation frameworks.

eGA provides following services for governments, ministries and organisations:

Policy Development

  • Cyber Security Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Cyber Security Roadmap and Development Plan
  • Specific Policy documents

Legislation and Regulations

  • Cyber Security legislation development
  • Cyber Security regulations’ development
  • Cyber Security standards and Baseline Security Frameworks
  • Cyber Security Certification System

Organisational Capacity

  • Organisational framework (structure, roles and responsibilities)
  • CERT / CIRT capacity building
  • CIIP capacity building
  • Crisis management system for cyber security
  • Cyber Police capacity building
  • Cyber Defence capacity building

Security Technologies

  • Public Key Infrastructure implementation
  • Identification System implementation (ID card and other tools)
  • Mobile-ID implementation
  • Electronic Trust Services implementation (digital signature, etc.)

Education and Awareness

  • Cyber Security briefings and trainings (policies, frameworks, etc.)
  • Course curriculum development for universities, schools and organisations
  • Cyber Security exercises development (incident and crisis management)
  • Awareness raising activities (demos, campaigns, events, materials)


  • National cooperation network development
  • Inter-Agency cooperation development
  • Public-Private Partnership development
  • International cooperation development

Research and Development

  • Cyber Security situation overview / assessment
  • Best Practices analysis
  • Countries’ Cyber Security comparison
  • Trends and threats analysis
  • Cyber Security R&D Program development

Our products include policy documents, recommendation papers, consultancy, trainings and seminars, study visits for delegations, conference support, awareness raising events and materials, analyses and research papers, organisational change management and technology implementation.

Since 2016 eGA has been developing the national cyber security index (NCSI) for increasing the cyber security of states. The index measures the level of cyber security of countries and defines the fields for the development of cyber security. It also gives an overview of the preparedness of countries to prevent cyber attacks and crime, and to manage them. The index can be viewed online at