The e-Democracy domain promotes the balanced development of e-government, wherein e-democracy receives due attention along with e-administration and e-services. We provide policy advice, training and consultancy to public authorities and civil society organizations who want to enhance the transparency, accountability and civic engagement of their governments.

Focus areas of training and consultancy

  • Impact of ICT and technological developments on democracy
  • Development of transparent and accountable e-services for citizens
  • E-democracy policy
  • Tools and practices for online-engagement and online-participation
  • Development of e-communities
  • Estonian experience of e-participation platforms
  • I-voting and good practice in I-voting

Further topics are possible based on the needs of the target group.

Rahvaalgatus.ee – enables to compile and send collective addresses – with at least 1000 digital signatures – to the parliament of Estonia. Also, to follow whether your proposal will be turned into draft act.

Rahvakogu  – The People’s Assembly, an Estonian grass roots initiative designed to find solutions to political sore spots.

ikoon_votingi-Voting – Internet voting, or ‘i-voting’, is a system that allows voters to cast their ballots from any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world.

Participatory Budgeting – Participatory budgeting (PB) is a different way to manage public money, and to engage people in issues of local government. Tartu was the first city in Estonia who experimented with PB.